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Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel

Through more than a century of operation, Metropole Sofitel has become a significant icon of Hanoi. On the other hand, the hotel also always nurtures and appreciates the cultural beauty of Vietnam. To express their sincerity, in 2017, INCA proposed a mooncake box design for the hotel inspired by Hoa Lam Ceramic – a distinctive traditional art of the nation.

Hoa Lam ceramics are products decorated with cobalt color. The majority of Hoa Lam ceramics are made from well-refined white clay. This art is a harmonious blending of uniqueness, carefulness, and exquisiteness.

The main highlight of the mooncake box is the delicately refined and meticulously hand-painted ceramic buttons. We can understand the soul and talent of the craftsmen through this art, sometimes it is very detailed, sometimes it is loose and generous, therefore creating diverse and fascinating decorative works.

We chose a 5-piece box structure and fixed it with a ceramic button. At the same time, the boxes are coated with fine-textured art paper to create a slight contrast, in harmony with the detailed accents.

Through the Metropole Sofitel mooncake box 2017, the hotel would like to bring customers the finest mooncakes handmade by 5-star chefs and at the same time express their sincere appreciation for the distinctive cultural beauties of Vietnam.



Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel

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