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MB Private’s customers belong to the high class in society and possess a large fortune with successful careers. They tend to enjoy life, constantly increase their assets to leave the legacy for the next generation. MB Private 2022 Tet Gift Set “Xuân tròn ý nguyện” is considered as the wish to all their customers to continue gaining more achievements in the new year.

Each page in the calendar conveys the dearest wishes that very much will happen to you as the new year comes, harmoniously with the naturally meticulous line arts to create splendid artworks.

Our present product is selected as the best one after the long process of experiment. The calendar stand is made of solid walnut wood that can also be applied as a pen case, integrating with the curved metal rectangle frame to hold the calendar. The contrast between the structure and materials creates an elegant item set in the working and living space.

Different techniques are applied and interweaved in this gift set such as hot foil printing, embossed printing, and UV coating. All of that creates the ultimate luxury for MB Private’s high-class segment that distinguishes it from others.

Inspired by MB Private’s brand identity, we chose the creamy-white and metallic gold to be the main colors of the gift set, combined with red velvet lucky envelope to make it more “Tet” and impressive.



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