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Hồ Thuỷ Kim Ngưu

A limited-editioned bookend in the unique form of an Ox. It is the fruitful result of an interesting collaboration between Inca Team and the talented artist Nguyễn Thành Phong.

The Ox bookend possesses a vigorous charm due to its solid shape and patterns. Inspired by the color scheme of Dong Ho folk paintings as well as the myth of the Golden Ox in West Lake, we named it “Hồ Thuỷ Kim Ngưu”. This name itself represents the two main colors of the Ox gift, which are: Teal and Gold.

The most fascinating detail about “Hồ Thuỷ Kim Ngưu” lies in its special interwoven layers of texture that evoke a sense of covertness and visibility at the same time: camouflaging in the teal look is a golden ox with great strengths inside.

We used polyresin and stone powder, which are
eco-friendly materials to not only create a sturdy compact that is suitable for the bookend’s function but also to encourage a green manufacturing process.

An “odd” chapter filled with ups and downs of 2020 has been wrapped up. It’s now time for the year of the Ox with an exciting future awaits! May the lucky Ox bless us with good health, plenty of precious moments, and countless amazing experience.

One of the segments we enjoyed the most was playing with colors. The calendar is confined in 3 main colors, which are: mallard green, orange, and pink, conveying joy, enthusiastic and optimistic vibes throughout the entire 12 months of the year.

The calendar set consists of 12 separate pages that are placed on a rustic wooden base and easily displayed at different places like the office or home. Notably, every single page is specially designed to be a postcard with warm wishes for you to send your beloved ones.

Each month is attached to a cute and comical tagline starting with the phrase: “Trâu Cho…” (which means “Ox delivers..” in English) and followed by a promising aspect for an upcoming year, such as love, health, friendships, adventures, etc. Hopefully, all these wishes do come true and make it a memorable Ox’s year for each one of us!





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