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Celebrating 120 years

Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi

This year 2021 marks a significant milestone in the relationship between Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel and Hanoi – a long journey of 120 years since the first day they “met”.

To celebrate this special occasion, Metropole Hotel would like to recall the precious memories from day one as a part of Indochinese culture, to the present peaceful and graceful years, through the mooncake box.

Here is a special edition mooncake box for luxury class with the theme of “Under the moonlight”.


At first glance, the package resembles an ancient treasure chest hidden in a mysterious room. When opened, there is a surprise pop-up artwork. Moreover, the solid two-tier structure not only can contain all elements but also make it tidy.

Art Style

The way Vietnamese enjoy moon season is depicted by soft line hand-drawn and separated later into layers to create the depth and interesting experience.


It’s a fruitful result made of meticulousness and dedication from craftsmen of Ha Thai traditional lacquer village.

Unlike the previous mooncake boxes we created before, this product was made with special material holding the spirits of Vietnamese tradition to be suitable for this special occasion.

The lid box is covered by smooth dark green velvet. Lying in the center is the simulation of the architecture of Sofitel Legend Metropole from the very first day, exquisitely engraved in each line blending with gold-plated emulsion techniques to create magnificent artwork. Combining harmoniously with two different textures in the lid and body box creates the most striking contrast.



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