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MB Bank was one of the first banks in Vietnam to launch eKYC – a service wherein their customers’ identities are verified online through biometrics without in-person meetings. As a partner of MB Bank, we were glad to have made contributions towards this MB’s marketing campaign of eKYC via our fresh-modern-unique designs.

Stemming from the convenience of this eKYC, we came up with an idea of users’ presence in different contexts such as chilling at home, having a break when exercising, walking on the streets, or even camping. Therefore, emphasizing the benefits of this service – fast register, at anywhere, 100% online right on MB Bank App.

Besides the main art style of 3D render, we also used 2D and images to not only create a sense of familiarity and friendliness but also bring the resonance of a modern technological life into the artwork. Also, to embody MB Bank’s youthful and dynamic spirit, we decided to develop the color scheme based on the brand’s colors.



MB Bank


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