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The image of birds was inspired by the logo symbol of Vingroup. The symbolic meaning of a bird’s wings represents the desire to fly high and reach for great success; therefore, we decided to pick birds-of-paradise, canary and peacock to be shown on VinID regular card, premium card, and VIP card.

Birds-of-paradise is often referred to as the most graceful one among all the species for its vibrant-colored feathers as well as beautiful wing-spread and tail-spread dances.

Canary is renowned as a rare breed that represents prosperity and nobility in many cultures. Turn back time to the past, since canaries could sing such cheery and pure sounds, they were often chosen to be a pet for emperors.

Peacock is a gorgeous and noble kind of bird that represents various beautiful meanings. In Buddhism, it’s believed that the peacock was an incarnation of Mahamayuri who has the power to protect devotees from poisoning, either physical or spiritual, and spread fortune to the entire world.



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