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Yosakoi Dance

Japan is well known as one of the richest cultural countries in the world. The Japanese haven’t stopped their pride and always do their best to keep their brilliant culture vividly alive through generations. Therefore, generate their own steadfast and unbeatable spirits.

One of Japan’s cultural icons is a happy dance called Yosakoi, which is exhilarating and always spreads joy to everyone, making the street bursting with laughter, harmoniously with vibrant rhymes.

By the 2019 calendar, Sumitomo Bank would like to send sincere wishes for a year full of luck, joy, and excitement just like being in the Yosakoi festival. Besides, spreading Japan’s cultural imprint to all precious Vietnamese customers and partners.

Each calendar page depicted an exciting Japanese festival by the natural and loose hand drawing style, combining with bright colors to reappear the brilliant and vivid atmosphere.



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Calendar design, print production