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Mooncake Box


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Full Moon Party

Mid Autumn is a family reunion occasion in which adults gaze at the moon and share stories, while children play around with lanterns, harmoniously watching lions dancing in the vibrant atmosphere… Nowadays, those daring images seem to have faded away…

With a desire to keep the sense of the traditional Mid Autumn, INCA chose bright colors and art paper which have plain texture to be the main material of the mooncake box.

Besides, we collaborated with artist Thanh Phong to depict the whole full moon party which focuses on childhood folk games. Therefore, create luxurious gift packaging that spreads familiar and graceful feelings either.

We designed a stable and layered structure that can contain not only the cake but also a wine bottle, the special gift, and the panorama artwork. Every part of the box is carefully measured to generate enjoyable and surprising experiences.

Handicraft paper masks are popular in Vietnamese culture. We chose them as the special gift that drove customers back to their childhood. Each one has its own uniqueness because of the craftsmen’s spontaneity.



Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi

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Scope of work

Packaging design, Print production